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Jon's GM application

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Jon's GM application

Post  JonnyBoi on Mon Sep 10, 2012 8:46 pm

Character name: Jonny

My name : Jonathan or Jon

My age : 15

The place where I live : United States

My Timezone : (GMT -4:00) Eastern Standard Time (US and Canada)

Language's I'm able to speak : English and some Spanish

Time when you're usually online :
Monday : 2pm-11pm
Tuesday : 4:30pm-11pm
Wednesday: 2pm-11pm
Thursday: 2pm-5pm (5-8 practice) 8:30-12am
Friday: 2pm-3am (Sometimes my school has a football game)
Saturday: 9am-11pm
Sunday: 9am- 11pm

---- For how long have you been playing Maplestory? I was introduced to MapleStory around 5 years ago... I've been playing for nearly 5-6 years and I have a great knowledge of the game. Most things in MapleStory I am aware of and know about so I can help anyone who has a problem with things related to Maplestory. There are some questions that I absolutely don't know but I will try my best to figure them out...

---- What would make you a good GM? I'm a very nice, fun loving and caring person... I can be serious in times when it is needed and also be a fun person to be around. I've been playing MapleStory for nearly six years and I know all there is to know about anything Maple. I like to be at home a lot so I can be on as much as I possibly can.. I will help get this server a plethora of people and try to make it a more enjoyable server for everyone... GM or not, I will try to make a change.


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