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[Guide]How to install BoomBoomMS v114.1

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[Guide]How to install BoomBoomMS v114.1

Post  Extremist on Tue Sep 11, 2012 3:03 pm

Hello everyone,

As people are sometimes having trouble with installing the game I will explain step by step what to do.

1. Go to the BoomBoomMS site and go to the 'Download' page. http://boomboomms.nl/Download.html

2. Download it to anywhere you can find it.

3. Open BoomBoomMS download center. (You downloaded this in step 1)

4. First download MSsetup v114. (Put it somewhere you can find it back!)

5. Click on the MSsetup. Watch closely where the MSsetup will install the game. It could be you already have a map like it and it will replace it. If that's the case simply put it somewhere else.

6. Go back to the BoomBoomMS download center and download 'BoomBoomMS client'. It's a .rar file. Save the .rar file in the map where you installed the game.

7. Unpack the .rar. (If it asks you to replace files press yes)

8. Click on 'Launcher.exe' and you're ready to play BoomBoomMS!


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