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[GLITCH]Glitch&Bug Guide [Updated 4/11]

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[GLITCH]Glitch&Bug Guide [Updated 4/11]

Post  zcoinz on Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:11 pm

Hello all! I made this glitch list to let everyone know of all known glitches and bugs. Since I don't really care about leveling and I run around testing stuff I will report all known glitches and bugs here and if there's some glitches NOT on this list, please feel free to report them by posting a reply. ~Zcoinz

1. Mechanic HP doesn't display properly. The HP and MP is more than it shows, so when you heal it goes over the bar at the amount of hp it should be, but the bar doesn't update.

2. Henesys Park has an NPC Metus who "gives a blessing" but really doesn't.

3. Fall out of the map if u jump down in a certain area in Henesys Park.

4. Some monster maps in Spinel's list have pre-BB IDs.

5. Corsair skill Wings is not aloud to be spammed or else you d/c.

6. Corsair skill Wings doesn't let you float or else you d/c.

7. The mechanic ultimate skill can bug out and not work if u fill the attack bar too much.

8. Crafting/Gathering will d/c you if you try it.

9. White Awakening stamp DOES NOT add a line and can REVERT YOUR POTENTIALS

10. Happyville is bugged so that if you go too far in the map you'll get a disco screen and be taken back to the beginning of the map

11. Pirate UA doesn't seem to work. It'll just disconnect you.

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Re: [GLITCH]Glitch&Bug Guide [Updated 4/11]

Post  davidx427 on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:19 pm

Pirate UA doesn't work. It just freezes your game with the UA creation window open, so you have to restart the game to log back in, but it doesn't make the Pirate UA.


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