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Pats GM Application

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Pats GM Application

Post  Muggins on Thu Nov 29, 2012 2:24 pm

My IGN : Frosty ( LastResort )

My name : Patricia M.

My age : I am 16 years old. ( for now )

Where I live : I live in Canada currently.

Timezone : (UTC-05:00) Eastern Time (US & Canada)

The only language I'm able to read, speak, and understand at all : English.

The times I'm usually on :

Monday : 3PM - 9PM
Tuesday : "
Wednesday : 3PM - 9PM typically.. (usually)
Thursday : 3PM - 9PM
Friday : "
Satuday : I could be on all day, could not be on at all. Vague, but honest.
Sunday : "

How long have I been playing Maplestory?

Well, I started playing Maplestory about four to five years ago. I started playing Global Maplestory and found this server because I actually couldn't play GMS for some strange reason. o.O So I joined this server ( was the only one that I could play from any site that I went on) and I enjoy being on here a lot.

What would make me a good GM?

Honestly, I couldn't think of any reason I would be a good GM. But I realised that me being a GM would only be an extension of myself on this server. Even though I'm inexperienced, and fairly young, I learn slightly faster than other people and I'm always looking to improve myself with anything that I can do. I find experience is something that is given to you, and everyone needs the opportunity to be given the experience to prove what they're capable of.


Congratulations, you got the job as GM lv2. I hope you'll have fun on BoomBoomMS

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