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David's GM App

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David's GM App

Post  davidx427 on Fri Nov 30, 2012 7:30 pm

Character name: I have so many of them so i'll just name the one i'm currently calling my main and my lv250. SinDavid, and PhantomDavid
**UPDATE** New main: AranDavid

My name : David

My age : 15

The place where i live : USA

My Timezone : PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Language's i'm able to speak : English, and (not fluently) Japanese

Time when you're usually online :
Weekdays: Generally about 3pm to 11pm PST.
Weekends: Pretty much all day.

---- For how long have you been playing Maplestory?
I've been playing maplestory for 3 or 4 years, and BoomBoomMS for about 2 months now I think.

---- What would make you a good GM?
I know GM commands very well, I'm great at settling disputes, I can code if needed, and I want to help improve the few nonfunctional things in this server any way possible!

Thanks for reading my GM App, I hope you take it into consideration!

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